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The crew at MassRoofer has years of experience under their belts as builders from the company Aesthetic Building & Restoration Construction Services serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

We’re an aesthetic roofing company that’s very particular with the quality of all products we use for all of our installations, no matter the scale. Our products meet the highest standards in this roofing industry. We use the same roof types and roof brands in our own homes, for our own families.

Over the years, our team has gained good reputation in the building industry and are now known for our excellent customer service in our roofing projects.


“Aesthetic Building and Restoration took the time to get to know me, my desires and interests in the project. I have dealt with other companies the past and could care less; they just push products to get the job done as cheap as possible . Ray didn't do that. He did excellent job working with the products I picked out. I have to say that Aesthetic Building and Restoration is a responsible and reliable company in New Hampshire. He truly cares about his work and his reputation.”

Barbara Peterson 13 June

“Ray, I thought our roof was hopeless until your team took a look at it and did what they could to save me from spending thousands. For that I thank you and may your company prosper. Appreciate what you all did today!”

Kelly Jackson 22


Aluminum Lock Roofing - Aluma-Lock shingles 90% recycled Aluminum. Fire-proof, Wind-proof, Snow/Ice-proof, Pest-proof.

*Like Permalock and Interlock®, Aluminum Lock roofs are in one with the Green Movement, protecting the environment with its recyclable materials and energy-efficient performance