Steel Roofs Services in Milford, Massachusetts

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MassRoofer’ roofing expertise is a result of years of building and roofing experience of this group of professional roofers in Massachusetts. We install, repair, and maintain Milford homes’ rubber roofs, and we tailor-make your roof to fit your unique roofing requirements.

MassRoofer is very particular with the quality of product and materials we use for our customers, and so we carry and use only the highest quality Everlast steel roofs that used a Heat Forming™ process, preventing microscopic paint cracks which allows the roof to take scratch-resistant paints.

All of us here in MassRoofer takes pride in our level of credibility in Massachusetts and our accountability in all of our workmanship that’s now become rare in this roofing industry.

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“Thank you to Massroofs team for the great work you did on my Woburn residence roof. The repairs were quick but not rushed. I have had several contractors who couldn’t understand the difference. Wishing I had known you that time. I would of saved thousands.”

John Gallagher, Milford MA

“What sets you apart Ray is that you don’t mind losing a few bucks if your less expensive suggestion will honestly suit the family better. My wife and I appreciate that about your company. Please send my regards to your boys who replaced my roof yesterday. ”

Tim Lawson, Watertown MA


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Roof Leak Repairs

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Everlast - Everlast II®, Everdrain®, Everloc®, Everseam®, Wrinkled Series, HydraShell™ Underlayment, and other materials

Fabral - SSR Series, HORIZON S Series, and CLIMAGUARD Standing Seam roofing. GRANDRIB 3®, GRANDRIB 3 PLUS, 5V Crimp, GRANDBEAM Exposed Fastener roofing

McElroy - Exposed Fastener panels, Standing Seam systems