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Why do we care so much about Roofs?

MassRoofer is a team composed of fathers, brothers, and sons who understand and never undermine the value of having a good roof over your family’s heads. Roofs serve as the first barrier against the Massachusetts elements, and so we strive to provide you with rubber roofing that’s as good as what we have in our own homes.

We’re an aesthetic roofing company that offers top quality TPO and EPDM rubber roofs in Medford. We like to think we’re a sports team whose only goal is to win. Our workmanship is at par with today’s roofing standards.

MassRoofer offers a level of accountability which is rare in the roofing industry.

We have years of training under our belts from since we founded Aesthetic Building & Restoration Construction Services that served residential homes and small businesses in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

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“I told my son I didn’t need a roofer to get my roof problems solved, but Ray here proved me wrong and so my son had a big smile on his face which was quite annoying but I’m thankful for the recommendation.”

Donald Gagnon 10 March

“Ray, I didn’t think we needed steel roof but you were right. Thank you for going beyond installation and just making money from it. You and your boys gave me new knowledge which is always appreciated!”

B. Martin 25 January


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